Added on: October 18, 2019

Mind to Mind
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October 18, 2019
Part of me felt like I should show Chimera's fight here, but her powers would need a little explaining, and I thought I should try to stick to the point. The point is to give an overview of what happened with the Silver Dragon on that day and after. But maybe it'll seem like a mistake.


October 18, 2019
Perhaps you can add it later...
I am really anxious to learn about this..ever since i saw Dragon just stand there and then run before the flash...
October 19, 2019
Looks like Chimaera really did her best on him, so much damage dealt!
Seems like this was the reason that Dragon wasn't fighting then, too busy with mind-talking? Which also explains why he teleported at the right time, he was warned!

And.... it makes me wonder if he is nowadays playing host to (a fragment of) the seer?