Added on: February 6, 2021

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February 6, 2021
I drew and lettered this comic the same way I normally do, but I'm trying out different programs to color the pages. I usually use an old copy of Photoshop CS2, but it has a lot of annoying glitches in Windows 10. SO after a few years of living with the problems, I'm trying other things.

I used Krita here. I picked it first because it seemed less overwhelming than Clip Studio Paint. I also liked that it was for any system, and I was sure it could save directly to, and open .PSD files. Also the one way to do the flats is similar to the way I used in Photoshop.

My conclusion is that it's not that bad. I need to make my own palette, and look through the brushes more. There's a few things I'd change if I could about how the program works, but it's pretty great for something free.

If I choose between Krita and Clip Studio Paint, I'll also then want to decide if I want to use that program to draw the pages as well. I didn't want to make it a requirement for the coloring tests though. I'll probably try to color 2-3 more pages in Krita before I try Clip Studio Paint (which I've had for years but never really experimented with).

My third option would be Affinity Photo, but I don't think it has as easy of ways to do the color flats.


February 6, 2021
i have to say its interesting they they are assuming the suite reacts to external danger and not the internal actions of the wearer.
February 6, 2021
That because they tried that already. It didn't work. So it's definitely something. I'm thinking mental block.
February 6, 2021
The mimic was able to shift it to second form probably has to be a trigger from Annie
February 9, 2021
I just binged the whole comic in the past few hours...

Very nice, you've improved splendidly.
February 11, 2021
what a coincidence, me as well! Conveniently in time for the 2021 Valentine's day vote incentive too >:P

Thanks Lightfoot!!!