Added on: March 30, 2012

Spider-Filled Past
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March 30, 2012
Another non-shaded page I guess. I'm a day late, but that's better than I expected last week. I had something else that needed to be completed by Wednesday, and knew that it might delay the page.


April 3, 2012
Grey Garou
Do you allow constructive critque or opinions on your art or would you rather I didn't? I won't if you don't wish me to.
April 3, 2012
Sure. I welcome any comments, critiques or opinions.

Honestly, it's rare to get any comments or feedback of any kind at most of the places I post this comic (maybe 3-5 comments over the 78 pages per place at best). Except for DeviantART, but most there are people who have followed me through several comics, and might be used to whatever bad habits I have.
April 3, 2012
Grey Garou
Ah, thank you.

Yeah, I hear you on the lack of feedback on art projects. I have the same problem.

I've looked at your grayscale art and your colored pages. I do enjoy your style and your story, I just wish to offer an opinion on your work. I've noticed your inking uses a lot of heavy lines, thick strokes, and your inking lines vary quite a bit in thickness. I don't know what medium you use to ink, but I feel (and I speak only for myself) that your style of inking is less compatable with color than with grayscales. The heavy lines gave strong contrast with the gray, but with unshaded color, it seems to me to almost form a "block" effect in the art itself and it looks to me to plug up smaller detail. It may be that perhaps a bit more curvature and slightly lighter outline inking may help give your work a smoother flow, a less harsh feel maybe.

Perhaps all your work needs in my view is some shading to help add some depth. Again, I am but stating my own opinion, nothing more. I could be completely wrong in everything I wrote here, and that wouldn't bother me one bit. All artist have to follow what they feel is right in their work and what works in one style may be completely wrong for another. I hope I was able to offer something worthwhile, or at least entertaining.
April 6, 2012
I think you could be right, that my artwork is better with shading than without. Originally that's why it was black and white with shading instead of non-shaded colors (which I thought would be a comparable amount of work).

But I've had a lot of people asking for color, even if without shading. And if people are confused with only 6 women, I thought that long-term, especially if you have costumed and non-costumed versions of characters, it would only become worse. I think that each option has advantages and negatives. There isn't a perfect option. I wasn't unhappy it being B&W.

When I did the original Pulse comic in 2000 I inked with a quill pen. In about 2003 (I'm not sure what I was working on then) I switched to using Sharpie markers. I would have two, a common sized one, and a fine point one. The picture I use for my avatar here was inked that way (it's from 2009 I think). The comic "The Adept" is also an example of Sharpie inking (and I guess an older, although unfinished comic, by me that was in color even)-

Christmas 2009 I got a Wacom Bamboo Pen art tablet for myself, and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2010. I made custom brushes in it to try to imitate what the Sharpie markers looked like (a reason for explaining the rest). It took a long time to get used to it, but now all of my artwork and comics are made digitally.
April 4, 2012
Found this comic a few weeks back and have finally caught up on the reading. Very nice stuff!

I dig the fat lines and stylistic approach. I do agree with the prior post though, the grayscale complements the lines better than the color.

Keep it up man, looking forward to seeing how this plays out.