About Pulse

Warning! The descriptions below may contain minor spoilers.

The Basic Plot

These are the fun adventures of a buxom superheroine. She uses her natural electrical powers to fuel a flying super-suit.

A weak rookie superhero, Pulse is partnered with Bolt, a woman with identical powers and an identical super-suit.

By Day, she is Annie Chang- once an engineer in a secret Government superhero complex, now she is trained to fight crime.

On average, the comic is likely more about Annie than Pulse. Annie is not a great fighter, or a powerful superhero. She often has to be creative and think her way through her challenges.

What is Pulse Rated?

I'd guess it's for teens and up, and probably low NSFW.

  • There might be a little blood, but no gore.
  • My comics don't usually have bad language.
  • No visible nudity, although rarely it might be implied someone is naked, and you might see enough to know they are unclothed.
  • A character in swimsuits or underwear might appear every once in a while.
  • Sex hasn't come up in the comic so far (as of 2018), but I can't be certain it'll never come up. It certainly won't be shown.
  • Richard Chang does smoke a lot, something I've noticed movies mention now in their content rating.

Origins of the Comic

This is the second comic I've made called Pulse with similar versions of these characters. The original was more pure fan-service, and had no ending.

In 2010, I wanted to do something different, it seemed like a weird and interesting challenge to reboot that older comic as a more traditional superhero comic. To attempt to take a cliche superhero origin, and a lead character who looked like a pinup, and try to make well-rounded characters.

I thought about a lot of the other tropes accidentally used in these stories and tried to avoid them. Annie has nothing special about her that could allow her to become the elite quickly. She's not the dream girl of every guy. She's an expert in one limited area only. She doesn't win every fight. Not every storyline revolves around her. She has personality flaws. She doesn't solve every problem single-handedly.

It doesn't bother me if people find the female characters attractive, or not, all comics will appeal to different people in different ways. And sometimes to people in more than one way. It wasn't intended to pander or exclude anyone. I hope it entertains you.

Things That Almost Happened

During the creative process, there's always things you consider, but decide against. They include:

  • Annie almost had a sister who was a powerful superhero. This sister would become her early rival. I excluded her because I thought Mira already had a similar purpose.
  • Lucy and Annie could have been sisters, even if that meant altering Lucy's appearance. I decided against that because Annie already has two relatives in the cast.
  • Before the experiment, Annie and Tabitha would have health problems that would be solved with the increase in their powers. Annie would be more sickly with glasses, Tabitha would have a brain tumor that prevented her from remembering things. But it seemed like they wouldn't experiment on anyone unhealthy- because if anything went wrong, they couldn't decide if it was the experiment or the illness. I also didn't want to give Annie a problem that needed to be fixed by the experiment. I wanted the moral to be she isn't better or worse off, her situation is just different.
  • The ending to the big fight against Zoe in Chapter 9 was originally going to be more ambiguous. There would have been some question which was Tabitha and which was Zoe, and there would have been a chance they got mixed up. Both would claim to be Tabitha, and Annie would have to figure it out.

How Long is Pulse?

I figure it'll be about 500-600 pages long in total. I do have an ending in mind.

About The Author

I've done webcomics for a long time, although most of them aren't online anymore. Some were fancomics, some original. I'm mostly self-taught, I try to make things that interest me, and will hopefully interest others too. I've never killed off a character in a comic.

I'm very open to advice or critiques. Feedback or suggestions on the comic are always welcome.

Do I have a patreon? Not so far. Maybe sometime eventually. I don't have a Facebook so far either.