Added on: September 4, 2014

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September 4, 2014
I'm not sure how this'll come out. I had several pages of Lucy being her typical cynic and trying to convince Annie becoming a superhero was a mistake.

I didn't want Thomas to encourage her (that's maybe more of Tabitha's role), but to accept the situation. Like Lucy knows Annie and is trying to change her (even though she said she wasn't), and Thomas knows her but isn't trying to change her.

I wanted him to be talking about something that he was unhappy about that was about Annie, but not blaming her, or trying to convince her to change. It was more like it's the situation, and there's nothing to do about it.

Although if it didn't come out that way, maybe I should edit it again.


April 10, 2017
He doesn't know how to explain her injuries? Even if they didn't live in a world with superheroes and supervillains where civilians are bound to occasionally be injured during a battle, he could just say "car accident".
April 11, 2017
Maybe he meant he hadn't prepared to need to make up stories.

The other complication is that Annie won't be hurt for more than a day. So he'd have to create a story about something and then possibly continue it long after the injuries would be over for Annie.

If they had said she was hurt, Thomas's mother may have stayed longer, then they'd have to pretend Annie was still hurt after she had been healed.