Added on: March 14, 2015

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March 14, 2015
I guess better late than never.


December 26, 2021
I'm now not suspecting the only "ghost" teleporter we've been formally introduced to, if only because that move was a great deal more complicated and expert than what we've seen her do to date.

Porting out underwear might be similar, but if you're female, you have a pretty good idea where that's located even if you can't see it.
This person knows specifically how the cyborgs are put together... Granted they're known to leave broken bodies behind, but I assume those get collected and repaired/recycled for parts for the next body replacement. One of those missing bodies is probably how this Ghost knows where the important circuits to remove are.

...Ah, and there boss is complaining about something of his stolen. I'm guessing it's either one of those backup bodies, or the blueprints to same.