Added on: February 13, 2012

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February 13, 2012
Watch out for blondes.


April 27, 2017
Is Jungle Girl an unpowered adventuress? Guess in a world of superheroes, they'd want comics to be about something else XD
April 27, 2017
She has powers too. She is the guardian of a special valley in Africa. Her powers are strongest in a certain location there, and weaker as she moves away from that area.

She can see and talk to ghosts, and maybe she has to help them find peace. She has some control over nature, the weather, and is able to communicate with animals.
November 13, 2017
she's reading a comic from Image?! Good girl!
May 30, 2022
"Brunettes should always be suspicious of blondes" she says to her blonde boyfriend...

Foreshadow much?