Added on: November 9, 2017

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November 9, 2017
I don't know if this will be totally confusing, or if it makes any sense. Often comics can be a puzzle.

If you notice on the other pages, Arim never hit anyone she was fighting. She dodged, tripped, blocked, and attempted to scare them away. The girls opinion that she wouldn't fight wasn't correct, but they were close to the truth.

In my original version, it was just going to step ahead, and the fight wouldn't be shown. You'd just see Arim broken up, and get an explanation. Arim would mention that she took a picture of the thief with her eyes, and she grabbed her necklace (which you notice in the panel where Zoe punches Arim).

Instead (because I'm trying to stick to 12 page chapters), there's just the fight, and I have her transmitting the picture as kind of a wrap up to the attempt to catch the thief. And you see Grace's necklace in Arim's hand in the last panel.

Last page of the chapter (although not the ending of any of these narratives). Next chapter is mostly about Annie's father, then all of these storylines kind of link together after that.


November 9, 2017
So if the other girls weren't correct in their assessment, why wasn't Arim fighting (much)?
November 10, 2017
Annie and Lucy talk about it on the next page, but Arim was trying to avoid hurting them. Mira and Arim grew up as super-powered cyborgs with disposable bodies.

Mira grew up to be a fighter, using her advantages to be the alpha bully.

Arim I thought might grow up with a different point of view- everyone else is really fragile. And she'd feel a lot of guilt if she wounded anyone else, considering they don't have an easy way to fix it.

It's possibly there will be some kind of flashback story about them both, but there's going to be a minimal amount of space for Arim's narrative with all of the other things going on.

So, the other girls thought Arim won't defend herself and doesn't fight. But really it's that she avoids fighting because she doesn't want to hurt anyone. What she was trying to do here was to wear them out, or make them give up. But although she was strong enough to barely defeat all of them, there wasn't enough of a different between them for her to dodge and trip her way out of it.