Added on: December 22, 2017

Never Take Advice
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December 22, 2017
A little late, bogged down with everything. The hardest updates to keep up with are the week before and after Christmas.

I'm not sure when this flashback happens exactly. 25 years ago now would be 1992- BUT the comic started in 2010, and only about eight months have passed in the story. Unless you used the sliding scale method for the date of the comic, that means the comic might be set somewhere in the middle of 2011. So 25 years before that would be 1986.

IF the comic is set in the past, I'd just correct that by having the last few chapters transition ahead to match the end date. There'd be years of their lives in a few chapters.


December 22, 2017
So his powers let him increase his strength by absorbing cold? Seems pretty powerful. Not sure what the limit of that is- if he even has one.
December 24, 2017
Although Annie and Tabitha later proved it possible with powers of a different element too. Maybe ice or fire powers work in a similar way to a "battery", like they can use up all of it too and have to wait for it to recharge. That there powers come from a charge of their element inside their bodies.

Just like with Annie and Tabitha there probably is a limit to their elemental powers. If they go too far, maybe their bodies can't handle it. Like they become ice or electricity.
October 19, 2019
So, I love your comic; Reading it for the first time. However, I disagree with both what the glasses dude said in the last panel and what you said in this comment/reply. However, I don't know enough about his power(s) to comment/correct the glasses character's statement. I do know enough to form my own opinion of your reply. It is as follows: If they go too far, I doubt they'd merely "turn" into the "element" they are associated with. I'd say there would be too much of that "element" there that they'd be mostly made up of it, thus going "too far". However, this would set the bar pretty high, as electron would have to be pretty numerous to outweigh the other particles in Pulse's body.
I do how you see this, but my expectations are lower, because your reply was in 2017. Good luck on your comic.
September 26, 2020
Well I'm thinking that too much will achieve a Johnny storm effect.