Added on: March 28, 2019

Mean Evie
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March 28, 2019
Only a few pages left- back to team "b" for a few pages to wrap up their story, then back to team "a".


March 28, 2019
Maybe it's the weekly release thing, but it's pretty hard to figure out what's going on :(
March 28, 2019
Yeah, I'm completely lost. I kinda keep meaning to go back a hundred pages and try to figure it out, but... yeah.
March 29, 2019
Sorry, maybe I need to add more flashbacks to previous hints on these pages with big reveals. A con of a big story section like this (this sleepwalker arc) is that you either need to keep repeating stuff, or it's easy to loose track of something that wasn't mentioned recently.

When Evilyn was first introduced, she was always afraid and worried about getting hurt. It seemed like she was a coward. Like the only reason she was worried was that she wasn't as durable as the twins.

When (mind-controlled) Mira first confronted Evilyn, she said something about it would be bad for both of them if she was hurt. Implying there might be another reason why she's always worried about getting hurt.

This is the reason shown here. Timid Evilyn becomes "Mean Evie". She's then aggressive, and her powers change. She also gains an amount of horns based on her amount of transformation.

On the next page, there's more of what Arim told Tabitha about Evilyn, we know Arim told Tabitha that if Evilyn starts getting scared, to make her mad. But the actual point was about this. Maybe those insights should have been on this page instead, but it directly connects to how that page ends.

I almost didn't include this part, but Evilyn set up the tease, and I didn't want it to drag out forever like Lucy's power. This was also an easy way to wreck Arim and Mira, and give someone for Tabitha to fight as a wrap up.
April 2, 2019
Freaking A, i did get it, but i have been browsing this story of yours (i Enjoy it very much!)
This is a cool explanation and thank you!