Added on: September 3, 2020

Phone Home
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September 3, 2020
I'm still not sure if Grace's power increase is permanent or not. It would throw off the use of her powers a lot though. I suspect ghosts are different than teleporters, she can't go straight to a location. For her, it's like a phased push in a certain direction. If her minimum range was miles, it would be hard to use her powers for anything but long-range travel.


September 3, 2020
Yes but if she learns to control it she can get long range pay. Also why doesn't warp just warp them home. Nevermind it's not a good idea to warp when you don't know the direction you moved at. Teleporters like goku lock onto people it's very different here. Grace at this point is almost supreme kai like teleport. He doesn't need a person to latch onto. But he knows the universe like the back of his hand. Its impossible for him to get lost in his universe. Warp and grace are at a supreme disadvantage here. No GPS so she can't pinpoint a location. Maybe chimera can look for a landmark.
September 6, 2020
This is all about if these increased powers stick, and if she can train herself to scale down to a more usable range. This could make her powers useless if she can't go fewer than miles, or it could make her very powerful. She is 25% goddess.

Warp isn't a teleporter, she's "Warp" as in bending and flexing things. Her power is telekinesis. Maybe she once destroyed more than she moved.
September 5, 2020
I used to be part of an Internet group which wrote stories, the sort of thing where each person contributed a few paragraphs. One of those stories was about superheroes and I introduced a character very similar to your Ghosts. His maximum range was about 100 yards, perhaps that would work for non-enhanced Grace?
September 6, 2020
They say that considering all of the works of fiction written, that no idea is unique. I do hear that sometimes where someone had a character similar to someone in the comic.

The thing about Grace is that I suspect her old maximum range was only 20-30 feet or whatever was shown in the early panels with her teleporting. It was just barely enough to be useful, and for Arim to try to chase her.

She was usually almost always pushing to her maximum range. She didn't need to train herself to her minimum, because it would have been inches or less. She never needed to go less than feet.
December 7, 2020
Does all of genes family have that tattoo on them? Like her parent. Was it somethin her grandma gave her?
December 8, 2020
Actually, if you look back, Grace didn't have the tattoo in the flashback with her grandmother.

The goth look Grace usually has and the tattoo are things that must have happened after her grandmother "died".

My guess at the moment is that the tattoo was some kind of symbol for Delphi. When she originally appeared, it was carved into the ground around her. Grace must have gotten a similar tattoo since, although I once thought it could just be magic marker as a joke (although it would have worn off during this period if it wasn't real).

In one version of the story, I considered the tattoo was a symbol OF Delphi's powers, and when she "died" her powers were transferred to her most direct female relative. And that all this time Grace also had Delphi's powers but couldn't figure out how to use them. But that would have meant that if Delphi returns, she would be powerless.
April 18, 2021
That could be interesting. Like how doctor strange borrows powers from deities. It's that reason he never uses the crimson bands of cytorak against juggernaut. At that point it be which person cytorak liked better.
September 12, 2021
Ass a butt man I felt it important to let you know I appreciate this page.
September 10, 2022
If she can only travel long range from here on out, couldn't she bodge a short range teleport by jumping far and then jumping back?
September 16, 2022
My guess is that she isn't accurate enough yet, that there's always some level of her not ending up where she intended. But the greater the range, the more it matters. She isn't jumping a few dozen feet and off by a few inches, she's jumping hundreds of miles and might be off by miles.
October 10, 2022
That makes sense, the larger the distance the larger the margin of error.