Added on: June 12, 2022

Rise of the Undead
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June 12, 2022
I thought this had to happen, someone had to be confused that Charlotte was alive. But Annie had to be too distracted by what previously happened to warn anyone, and they needed someone like Tabitha to lie about it.


June 13, 2022
She's a superhero? She didn't think they had funeral for her? Luckily she never saw her as a hero so the fact Charlotte doesn't wear a mask never became a problem for her.
June 14, 2022
Okay, I just want to know WHY were they kicked out of the water park? Yes, she lost her top. Do they think she did so deliberately? Do they not care and just decided she was acceptable collateral damage after some mega-prude complained?
June 14, 2022
"Yeah I died.

But then I got better"
June 15, 2022
Back in 2001 I was hit with a truck going 60 MPH while riding my bicycle home from work. As my body was about 100 feet from the impact and my bicycle almost a quarter-mile from impact it was assumed I was dead and they didn't spend much time checking for a pulse or respiration and pronounced me dead. But as they were scraping me off the street I woke up and told the guy at my head "I've broken the upper end of my femur" repeatedly. This startled the guy so much he almost dropped me, which hurt enough that I passed out again, and woke up in the ambulance in the middle of telling a joke that I must have been hit by a truck, because it was too late for a bus. Nobody laughed. Apparently before I regained full consciousness I also gave my address from when I was in high school in another state 25 years prior, my parent's phone number (also from another state), and a whole lot more out of date information that I wasn't actually conscious about giving but that nobody told me about saying.
June 19, 2022
I'm sure your body hates you (you have seemed to take a number of serious damages) , but it's good that you are alright.
June 16, 2022
Oh great, now she has to remember all of that (and come up with cute stories about that one Horn-Toed turtle hatchling she rescued because kept missing the water...much less HOW she got the lightning rod. And how it's not news because a secret goverment operation just HAPPENED to find her.