Added on: February 13, 2012

Too Soon
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February 13, 2012
I wanted to have different influences on Annie about her new figure. Lucy will be generally negative, and Tabitha will be generally positive.

I don't know why you'd want a character to be negative about themselves long-term, but I didn't want to be unrealistically positive, or make the character unrealistically non-caring about it.

(At the time I had been rapidly uploading existing pages of a comic that started on another site in 2010,) This is the end so far of the already existing pages. The next update will be Thursday, and every Thursday from then on.


April 18, 2021
Well to the reader it makes the character look like it worries her. Meaning she is carefully thinking on the risk she took. In strazenky run on spider-man (I liked it others didn't) after Peter died he gained The Other. It increased his power by essentially doubling it. He kept having dreams afterward that stated as a kid when he got his powers he saw the first thing out of the package and was content or even scared to look down deeper in shock that something scarier might be under the level. Peter pondered on this for quite a few issues. The other simply stated that since he died he can't not look deeper. He had to deal with what was happening. Interesting stuff that good wiped from him thanks to quesada.