Added on: April 19, 2012

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April 19, 2012
...And obviously Annie is dead. Next week the comic will be renamed "Bolt" and be about Tabitha. Then in 81 pages I'll kill her off, and then it'll be about Lucy, and so on.


April 20, 2012
who is Annie? Is Annie the big boob girl in the panel above. (I went 10 or more pages back and still don't know who the name of this character is.) If this is Annie, why don't you have the ice making robot get killed off instead of her? I don't mean to be critical but it would be kind of nice to see the hero in your comic book actually defeating a bad guy.
April 21, 2012
Yes, this is Annie ("Pulse") here, the lead. But I was joking about her dying. The lead usually has plot-armor and can't be killed.

Based on something that happens in the next few pages it's important that she lose. The characters are still novice superheroes (and not hugely powerful anyway), so I thought that to be realistic they should lose the first few times they get into fights. Tabitha (the tall blonde) was defeated in the fight in the cafeteria, and Annie gets defeated here.

I didn't want them to start out great, and to try to have a semi-realistic learning curve. They've lost both of these times because they either picked a fight with someone so much stronger that they didn't stand a chance, or were attacked by someone who was too strong for them. I also wanted them to lose to show that there were people they -can't- defeat. Instead of like many comics where the new hero instantly defeats someone legendary, I kind of wanted to humble them.

What'll happen is that they'll start being sent on assignments to deal with people who are more on their level. Then as they improve, and their armored suits are upgraded, they'll eventually reach more of the level of the people who have defeated them now. I'll be more impressive later for them to equal people who easily defeated them early on I'd think.
September 25, 2020
How did you not know her name?it's been mentioned more then a few times.
September 26, 2020